Corporate arts-based learning workshops

Transformative mobile photography-based workshops for teams imagined by Yury Toroptsov



Photograph Your Team’s Internal Landscape is a transformative arts-learning Experience designed to foster creativity, innovative thinking and communication exchange in the workplace. Imagined by the artist Yury Toroptsov it utilizes the medium of digital photography to unlock the business’s potential to successfully address the challenges it faces.


  • Strengthen teamwork

  • Build effective communication and interpersonal skills

  • Promote creative thinking and problem solving skills

  • Foster innovative leadership competencies

How it works

The Experience invites members of an existing or newly established team to gather around a joint photo project facilitated by the artist.

Calling upon team’s internal intelligence and resources while using image analysis technique developed by Yury Toroptsov the members of the team will have to complete a number of tasks and challenges in a fun and supportive environment.

Target audience

  • Existing or newly created teams

  • Creatives teams

  • Department management teams

  • Senior management teams

Number of participants Up to 10 people

Duration 4 hours

Equipment Participants are expected to be equipped with their own smartphones

Deliverable A collective work of art composed of printed photos is handed over to team members

Delivery options On-site workshop, team building training, retreat, conference

Languages French, English


About Yury Toroptsov

Yury Toroptsov is a lens-based artist living and working in Paris, France. Along with his personal artistic practice he designs and hosts arts-based learning experiences for business and individual clients which utilise digital photography as a tool for personal or professional development. Delivered at his artist's studio or in clients’ offices, off-site events, etc.



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Last modified: 2 September 2019