Arts-based learning experience in Paris


Photograph Your Own Mindscape


During our 3-hour session using the medium of digital photography we will translate your feelings into images that constitute your mindscape. We will start the session at my artist studio. You will be invited to introduce yourself and describe the issue you’d like to work on. A job switch, a breakup or a move to a new place are just few examples of what we might be preoccupied with. While we perceive some of these issues as necessary or inevitable, there might be a number of hidden roadblocks we need to clear to be able to embrace them fully and move on.

After that I will take you on a 1-hour photo shoot in the vibrant Paris neighborhood around the studio. Equipped with a camera or a smartphone you will have as task to photograph things you feel represent your current situation.

Upon return to the studio we will download images and in a friendly exchange each participant will receive a personalized analysis of their photos in relation to the issue they have decided to work on revealing hidden patterns and providing insight.

Five of your most emblematic images from the photoshoot will be printed on a professional photo printer for you to take away.

Number of participants Up to 2 people

Duration 3 hours

Equipment Participants are expected to be equipped with their own cameras or smartphones

Languages French, English


“I had a wonderful experience and left with a deeper outlook into my craft as a photographer and learned something new about myself. Highly recommend this. Yury is a talented photographer who’s also very emotionally intelligent. To have both those traits, makes an incredible artist and teacher.” - Sandra

It’s taken me several days to process my thoughts about this experience. For me, it’s informed the way I’ve viewed my subsequent Parisian adventures - making me mindful of what I’m including, what I’m choosing to focus on. It’s been a bigger gift than I realized and I’m so grateful to Yury. Yury is a kind, knowledgeable guide - a facilitator. He encourages you to view the world as you see it, then helps you decipher why you make those visual choices, and how that applies to your life in the bigger sense.” - Heather

What a fascinating few hours this turned out to be - not just a great wander around a fascinating, highly photogenic neighbourhood with someone who's outstandingly well-informed and kind, but also an equally fascinating delve into how and why we took the shots we did. Provoked much soul-searching and banter during and after our session - highly recommended.” - Jane


Last modified: 08 October 2019